An EVACSTAC™ tower is an affordable, prefabricated, retrofitted escape tower. It is manufactured as made to measure stackable steel modules (pods), with a customisable exterior in 9mm or 11mm Premium A2 fireproof cladding, or fireproof glass options, to complement the existing building.

EVACSTAC™ is a modular pod system. The pods stack, one on top of the other, to create a simple fire evacuation solution, and can be retrofitted to thousands of buildings across the UK. Allowing evacuation plans to be made, ensuring a safe evacuation route for all residents, and access for firefighters to every floor.

Each EVACSTAC™ pod has: a staircase; a safe refuge area for those less able to await rescue; a wet or dry riser with fire-service compatible couplings allowing firefighters immediate access to water; communication systems for the safe refuge area and the fire service; a means to introduce a sprinkler system into every floor; and a smoke extracting tunnel, protected by 2 fire doors, allowing safe access from the existing building. A lift can be incorporated into the design if required.

Evacuation is possible from any and every floor of the building. Once inside the tower, residents are completely safe, protected by the smoke extracting tunnel and 2 fire doors. Residents are then free to descend the stairs or wait in the safe refuge area for help to arrive if they are less mobile.

EVACSTAC™ pods can be easily transported to site, and safely lifted into position onto a suitable foundation. Pods can be stacked up to 5 storeys at a time and can be attached to the exterior of any building, up to any height. Creating a fire escape tower, suitable for evacuation, firefighting, or both, depending on the fire-safety evaluation, as well as resident, leaseholder and building owner requirements.

EVACSTAC™ pods are 100% reusable and recyclable. They enable buildings to meet fire safety standards and be designed to blend in and complement the finish of any building, using 9mm or 11mm A1 fire-rated cladding or fire-proof glass, or a mix of both.


From fire-proof glass systems to 150 different colour and texture options in 9mm or 11mm Premium A2 fire-rated cladding. The cladding can blend in, stand out, or let light through.

view of an escape tower of a building

EVACSTAC with Fire Proof glass finish

EVACSTAC with Premium A2 fire-rated cladding finish

EVACSTAC with Premium A2 fire-rated cladding finish

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