Properties can’t be sold until they have been proven to be fire safe.

That is 16% of the housing stock in the UK.


Of structural steel from a building site gets reused.

Steel is the most recycled and reused material.


We are an experienced team of professionals and advisors that have come together to make EVACSTAC™ a life-saving reality. A collaboration between retrofit construction experts and advisors in fire-safety.

Alun Marriott, CEO

• Alun brings 30 years’ experience managing start-up and scale-up opportunities.

• As CEO, Alun’s role coordinates the growth of start-ups from pre-fund raising through to scale-up and sale. He focuses on the wider interplay between investment needs and growth aspirations including finance & funding, governance & legal, strategy and commercial.

• Alun’s most recent endeavor scaled profitably from 2 to 170 people over a 10-year window with global sales and teams in the UK, Europe, and the US.

• Memberships/Education – Alun holds a Master in Finance from London Business School and a First Class Honours degree in Physics from Birmingham.

Gavin Dilley, CFO

• Gavin is a chartered accountant and has experience working across finance and operations teams in diverse organizations across professional practices. He works alongside the executive leadership to ensure plans are commercially sound, prudent, and deliverable.

• Memberships/Education – Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Honours degree in Economics and Politics.

David Stewart, Director and Head of Business Development

• David has spent 25 years working with well-known global blue-chip businesses creating project teams delivering innovative visual media and advertising solutions.

• David oversees project delivery, sales, and marketing and is responsible for sustainability, diversity and inclusion. He is also responsible for UX and UI.

• Memberships/Education - David holds a degree in Social Anthropology

Kevin Stewart, Director and Head of Engineering

• Kevin is the inventor of EVACSTAC. He has worked in structural steel fabrication for over 50 years. He was the director of LR Stewarts’ steel fabrication in North London and then founded his own company Mister Steel Ltd. He has retired from that business and is now dedicated to providing solutions that improve the fire safety of medium and high-rise buildings.

• He has spent his career retrofitting steel solutions to buildings to make them fit for purpose.

• It is his passion and experience that has brought us together.

Advisory Roles

Bernie Higgins M.I.Fire.E and BSC (Hons) Psych (Open)

• Director of the FIA

• Chair of FIRESA Council

• Chair of British Standards Committee FSH/17 which deals with standards for Fire Service equipment

Stephen Bloomfield

• Fire Risk Assessor

• Partner, Director and Fire Safety Advisor at Bath and West Fire and Safety Ltd

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